Cape Breton University

Cape Breton University (CBU) is located at the far east end of Canada in Nova Scotia. CBU is known for providing world class education at affordable tuition rates.The university offers unique and updated courses in various streams in an exciting and vibrating environment of the university campus.

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    Cape Breton University Overview

    Cape Breton University is located in the far east Atlantic side of Canada. The university has around 15% international students in the campus and hence provides multicultural exposure. The classroom size is small compared to other institutes. The university offers various courses through 4 departments in science and technology, business, social sciences and professional studies. Owing to its location, Cape Breton has moderate climate as compared to rest of Canada.

      Fast Facts:

    • Established: 1974
    • Low Student/Faculty ratio allowing better interaction
    • Established science and research institutes
    • International students comprise 30% of total enrollment
    • There are seven research chairs in various streams including health communities, communities and culture and musical traditions
    • Excellent international student services
    • More than 70 Student Societies
    • Highest senior year “excellent” student satisfaction as ranked by MacLeans survey agency in 2013


    • Various campuses in and around Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia

      Financial Aid and Awards

    • Entrance Scholarships
    • President's scholarship

    Cape Breton University Campus Life

    Cape Breton University College Programs (Courses)

    Bachelor Of Science - Cape Breton University
    • Designed for students who are curious about the world around them and want to be part of its progress.
    • Students can choose successful careers in health, dentistry, occupational therapy or scientific research.
    • Majors in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology, and minors in Geology and Physics available.
    Bachelor Of Science In Community Studies - Cape Breton University
    • Demonstrate competencies in management and leadership for community development.
    • Promote the welfare of individuals, families and communities.
    • Available in three disciplines: Biodiversity, Integrated science, Health and Environment.
    Bachelor Of Engineering - Cape Breton University
    • Offers many exciting opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines world-wide.
    • Leads to the final portion of the BEng Program at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.
    • Disciplines Available are: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical and Mineral Resources.
    Diploma In Engineering - Cape Breton University
    • Involves you in real world environmental opportunities throughout your academic career.
    • Has a foundation based on the past and present, but with an eye to the future.
    • Based on creating engineering solutions to real world problems.
    Bachelor Of Engineering Technology - Cape Breton University
    • Separated into four different degrees: Environmental Studies, Petroleum, Electronics and Controls, Manufacturing and Petroleum.
    • Two-year Engineering Technology Diplomas are also available within the Electronics and Controls, and Petroleum.
    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing - Cape Breton University
    • Prepare future nurses to be knowledgeable, competent, compassionate, and ethical professionals, prepared to provide leadership and scholarship in all areas of nursing practice.
    • Work together to foster a learner-centered environment that instills values of critical inquiry, reflective practice and life-long learning.
    • Develop and advance nursing knowledge, while working proactively to advocate for and work toward eliminating social inequities.
    Bachelor Of Science In Human Nutrition - Cape Breton University
    • Offered under the Department of Health Studies and Emergency Management at Cape Breton University.
    • Program covers aspects like balanced diet and importance of nutrients.
    Post Diploma In Health Science - Cape Breton University
    • One of five Universities in Canada to offer a Public Health degree (only University east of Montreal).
    • High Employment Rate coming from this program.
    • Nationally accredited.
    Bachelor Of Hospitality And Tourism Management - Cape Breton University
    • Includes two four-month paid internships and is built on a 30-year reputation for educating highly qualified personnel for the hospitality and tourism industry.
    • Provides students with an opportunity to earn a certificate from the IHG Academy for students who perform their work experiences at a participating IHG facility.
    • Students graduate career-ready with both a quality education and practical industry experience.
    Bachelor Of Business Administration - Cape Breton University
    • Prepare you to analyze a business situation, identify alternative responses and resolve business difficulties.
    • Help develop and sharpen your business skills.
    • Place an emphasis on a broad range of business topics – accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, and economics.
    Master Of Business Administration - Cape Breton University
    • The only MBA program in the Americas with community at its core; one that delivers advanced business knowledge and skills to make a difference in the local and global community.
    • Designed for a new generation of leaders; for learners who aspire to be instruments of change in the public and corporate sectors and in not-for-profit organizations.
    • Offers a leading edge curriculum that includes all business subjects found in traditional MBA programs, with an emphasis on economic development, leadership, governance, and management of change.
    Bachelor Of Arts- Psychology - Cape Breton University
    • Bachelor of Arts- Psychology relies heavily on experimental procedures where individuals are observed under controlled conditions.
    • The experimental approach is not the only methods used by psychologists – psychologists also rely on clinical observations and careful study of humans and animals in more natural settings.
    • Students will get to study the effects of brain functioning on behavior, psychology overlaps with the neurosciences, physiology and computer science.
    Diploma In Public Administration And Management - Cape Breton University
    • Designed to meet the changing needs of the public sector by providing students as well as managerial practitioners with the skills required for the new public administration.
    • Includes a work-study internship option, whereby internships are provided to diploma students through our internship co-ordinator.
    • The courses, derived from the fields of Political Science and Business Administration, provide students with knowledge in public sector management from both areas of study.