Yukon College

Yukon college is a government aided college located in Yukon territory of Canada. It has 13 campuses throughout the territory.Yukon territory is a sparsely populated territory of Canada and is famous for mining and aviation industry.

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    Yukon College Overview

    Yukon college is a government aided college located in Yukon territory of Canada. It has 13 campuses throughout the territory. Yukon is a sparsely populated territory and hence welcomes international students warmly. The location of this college makes it an ideal place to learn mining and aviation programs. The college has its own Research Centre and state of the art mining facility. The college offers both degree and diploma in various streams including business, mining, aviation and health services. There are smaller batch sizes for the programs that help to build a strong rapport with students as well as between students and faculties.

      Fast Facts:

    • yukoncollege.yk.ca
    • Established: 1963
    • International Students: more than 200 students from 22 countries
    • There are 13 campuses and the major campus Ayamdigut is located in Whitehorse, capital of Yukon territory.


    • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)


    • There are 13 campuses and the main campus is Ayamdigut
    • Each campus is planned to help students in their studies and prepare them for job readiness

      Undergraduates: 5108

    • for-credit programs: 1105
    • non-credit programs: 4003

      Male/Female Ratio

    • Female: 40%
    • Male: 60%

    Yukon College Campus Life

    Yukon College College Programs (Courses)

    Aviation Management Diploma - Yukon College
    • The program prepares in a one of a kind northern atmosphere that offers variable geology and an expanded number of adequate flying days.
    • Opportunity to get pilot training directly with Alkan Air Flight School.
    • Students may get the opportunity to get commercial pilot license.
    Business Administration Diploma - Yukon College
    • Business Administration delivers one-year certificate and two-year diploma programs.
    • Business Administration offers programs that plan understudies for managerial and administration vocations in business and government.
    • Conceivable positions incorporate those in bookkeeping, HR, money related administration and general administration.
    • Prepares students to face business challenges in the real world.
    Early Learning And Child Care Diploma - Yukon College
    • The Early Learning and Child Care program teaches students how to provide early learning opportunities and child care for young children and their families.
    • All through the program, students figure out how to help kids on the whole regions of development and improvement.
    • Courses incorporate Health,Nutrition and well being, Child Growth and Development, and Program Planning: Learning through Play.
    • Employment opportunities as educators in Child Care Centers & Kindergartens, as family support workers and as child care licensing Officers.
    General Studies Diploma - Yukon College
    • Offers an opportunity to advance a wide range of skills and knowledge.
    • This program integrate general knowledge and rational skills with specific professional skills.
    • Opportunity to take courses from across academic and professional fields.
    • Students get a chance to explore any array of interests i.e. language, history, philosophy, mathematics, science, business administration, tourism and computer studies.
    Geological Technology Diploma - Yukon College
    • Provide strong knowledge base for highly trained graduates with a fundamental balance between classroom learning and useful abilities.
    • The solid foundation in arithmetic and the physical sciences given by this program will empower students to succeed in any Technical discipline.
    • This program at Yukon College gets ready students for work in various limits in the mineral investigation, mining and natural geography fields.
    • Employment options for graduates are working for mining and oil organizations, counseling topography and building firms, government and instructive establishments.
    Liberal Arts Diploma - Yukon College
    • The Liberal Arts program gives an establishment through starting investigation in an assortment of sociology and humanities disciplines.
    • This programs reflects the conviction that students looking for degrees should procure strong basic considering, research and relational abilities.
    • Employment opportunities in the field of education, social work, communications, public policy and research, clinical psychology, environmental policy and management, and tourism.
    • It also present an ideal opportunity for continuing education or for exploring various educational and career paths.