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November 2, 2019

Every country is successfully engaged in adapting two languages as part of the communication process. Unsurprisingly one language dominates both national and international spheres. In recent times, it is the most effective and unsurpassed ways of global communication. Playing the role of most used language globally, English is specifically considered vital for pursuing academic qualifications. In turn the education sectors, whether on the national or international platforms, sculpt the image of ‘English’ as a dominant factor used widely for learning, writing and speaking. Additionally, foreign educators also look forward to delivering lectures in English, yet again marking the vitality of English as a well-identified language. IELTS is one such gateway to achieve study abroad dreams. The objective of the exam is to examine the basic language skills of a student. The test is mainly divided into four sections: Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. The techniques and skills required to surpass the IELTS exam is a conceded theory being used from times immemorial. The relevancy of this exam is quite prevalent yet some students tend to fail the exam. The reasons for failure are ample and if ignored can lead to catastrophic results. Therefore here are a few tips that will help you score more in your IELTS exam.

Follow the instructions carefully: Every question paper comes with certain instructions and it is a well-noticed fact. Instructions should adhere sternly. If the examiner has asked you to answer a certain question in 100 words or say asked you to write an essay in not more than 500 words, means that you should stick to the word limit coherently without any apprehensions. The secret to writing in the exact word limit is, first you should not beat around the bush and second avoid jargons. If you follow this instruction cautiously not only will you score well but also learn to write effectively.

Choose quality over quantity: The wise will always choose quality over quantity. The most impetuous mistake you could make in your exam is by writing endless pages of content without relevant information and improper usage of grammar. The examiners are certainly not impressed by the length of your answer but by what is written in the answer. The technique behind effective writing, skills demonstrating knowledge will certainly not be overlooked by the examiners. So make sure you are feeding the examiner with proper answers in the specified word limit.

Stick to the given topic: It is of utmost importance to first understand the topic and then write your answer. Some students under the impression of only clearing the exam do not concentrate on the level of preparation. Hence are involved in making perpetual mistakes like writing what best suits their knowledge. The motive of the examiner is to not just test your writing skills but to check the ability to understand. So make sure whatever you write is relevant to the given topic.

Maintain originality: Mugging up a certain set of paragraphs and then using them to explain your answer can bring forth a set of problems. One of them being that it will be immediately noticeable. Second, it lacks originality and third the examiner is looking forward to checking your language skills and not the ones you have mugged up from textbooks and Google. So make sure you answer all the questions with your capacity to understand and write at the same time.

Focus on pronunciation not accent: Speaking is an important part of the IELTS exam. In the wake of copying foreign accent, some students tend to focus less on the pronunciation and more on the style of delivering. This is certainly the most unwise way to approach an IELTS speaking exam. You must adhere to pronouncing every word clearly because with practice and time the accent follows. So make sure that you are listening to the pronunciation of every world clearly before you turn up for the final exam.

So here are a few tips for you to better your IELTS score. If you have any question or you want to know more about the IELTS special features do not forget to comment in the box below and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on study visa.

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