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November 2, 2019

As per the recent reports, a staggering flow of students has been witnessed in Canada. There are so many factors at play out there that have lead students to study in Canada. The popularity of Canadian Colleges/Universities is read, searched, discussed on every platform and all across the globe. It will be in the interest of both academic institutions and students if due attention is paid to the quality of education. There is no room for compromise intending to play with the future of the students. A more concrete effort has been made to enrich the educational life of the students. In turn, all these efforts have worked for Canada in its entirety. Educational quality is not the sole reason behind Canadian Educational success. There are several other factors contributing to the augmentation of success and glory, which is why here are five enthralling benefits of studying in Canada.

Reasonably priced: Financial status is one of the leading factors contributing towards study abroad success. Subsequently, Canadian fee structure compared to Australia, USA UK, and New Zealand is affordable. This is also one of the major reasons as to why students prefer Canada over other Countries. In addition to this living and other expense are comparatively cheaper, hence within your means.

Safe Haven: Another contributing factor is safety. I don’t know how many of you know but Canada was ranked 8th most peaceful country in the world by the Institute for Economics and Peace in 2016. Personal safety is every student’s priority, especially when given a choice to study abroad. Given Canada’s geographical existence on map and on the earth, it is quite evident that it is surrounded by water on three sides and the border is only shared with the United States. Especially when 5th of Canada’s entire population is immigrants and the rules and regulations are stringent in nature and true to its nature of existence, who wouldn’t feel safe to study in a country like that.

Quality Education: The primary, perhaps sole inquiry in the accreditation process should be the educational quality of an individual. That is why it is of utmost for any company to hire educated and well-learned individuals. Quality education does not mean expensive books and smart classrooms but a well defined intellectual diversity among students, faculty, and freedom of expression. Primarily the academic structures of today are keen at supporting students in every way possible and Canadian academic institutes will certainly entice you by providing quality over quantity.

Employment Opportunities: Canada is one of the largest economies in the world hence opening gateways for several employment opportunities. Your Canadian education degree will broaden horizons for job opportunities abroad and in India as well. Factors like a global network of contacts, language, and cultural exposure, and most vitally the impression study abroad gives will certainly add a feather to your cap. So add colorful feathers on your cap by choosing Canada as you study abroad option.

Getting Student Visa is easier and your education is Government’s priority: With all the stringent policies hovering in the international atmosphere, it is being reckoned by students all over the world that studying abroad can be a challenge. Altogether, with the implied changes in the immigration policy, it has been mandatory for systems to follow a complicated and unfriendly structure ever than before. But Canada is one such country, which has simpler policies and rules for immigrants thus welcoming students from all over the world. In addition to this, the Government of Canada recently announced to double the number of foreign students by 2022. That clearly states that Canada is initiating friendly measures for work and study abroad opportunities.

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