How English Language can shape your international student life

If you are an aspiring international student, you know the first step is to pass the hurdle of English. Although the importance of English has increased drastically in India over the past few years, but some of us still not might be exposed to the language completely, given our backgrounds and surroundings. Nonetheless, Taking IELTS is mandatory and you can’t escape that. But, does the learning stage ends here? Should you relax if you have scored good bands in IELTS and toss your worries aside? I am afraid the answer is no. There is much more to the language than just a few hours exam.

You can truly be a champion in English if you imbibe English in every day conversations of your life. Honestly, once you step out of the IELTS exam center, do you still continue to talk in English with your friends or family? This is something that you should practice because when you reach abroad, the way you speak English confidently will be your first impression for others. Sadly, we live in a world where language supersedes ideas or behavior. But think about it, if you don’t have a way of conveying your ideas or thoughts, how do you expect people to form good opinion about you.

The key is to take command of the accent along with increasing your vocabulary. With practice, you will get hold of the both. I suggest listening to news channels of the country you are flying to. Along with improving your English, you will also get to know about their latest news which is always an added advantage. It will make up a good conversation starter. Good English can not only develop your overall personality, it will give you confidence in speaking publicly and expand your social network. The major area where it can help you is in getting your LMIA and a good paying job. You can get equal opportunities as Canadians if you are considered at par with them, and speaking good English is the basic necessity for it. (Read more about it in our blog “Why are Punjabis unable to obtain LMIA”)

Do not think of it as a difficult task. Mastering a different language is simple and requires only dedication and daily practice. I am sure with some determination you can accomplish any goal, and this is the smallest yet most important of them all.

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