How to convince your parents to let you study abroad

If you have dreams of studying abroad and your parents are not on the same boat as you, you should try to step in their shoes and think from their perspective. They might have a fear of letting you go and the idea of you facing the world alone, all by yourself, might scare them. But don’t worry, we understand why studying abroad can be fruitful. That is why we have come up with important points that you can share with your parents and tell them how this one decision can change the lives of your whole family for good.

There is no right time to bring up the topic. Take a deep breath and get right into it. Although cleaning your room first might be a bonus!

  • It strengthens your resume: The main reason for going abroad is obviously world class education. Tell them you will have ample learning opportunities that can land you your dream job and make your future bright.
  • Show them you can handle your finances: Manage your finances and start saving your pocket money. Do not splurge it uselessly. This will give them the confidence that you can handle your budget and not blow up all the cash in first few months.
  • Be independent: It’s not too late to start doing your mundane chores. Don’t rely on mom to iron your clothes or dad to drop you at school. Show them you are a mature individual who can live his life independently.
  • Promise them you’ll be in touch: Teach them to make skype calls. Leave them a list of important addresses and phone numbers. It’s important for them to know they will not miss out on important years of your life while you are studying abroad.
  • Address safety issues: It’s natural for them to be concerned about your safety since we hear so many incidents about Indian immigrants these days. Assure them you will take precautions while studying abroad. Like you’ll reach home on time, will not mix up with wrong people and not get addicted to bad habits of drugs and alcohol. We’ve also discussed safety in detail in our previous blog “How to stay safe while studying abroad” 
  • Opens doors for whole family: Once you get settled in your life, tell them you would be able to create a better life for everyone in your family, your parents or your little sibling. So, investment in you indirectly means investment for everyone.
  • Grab a distant relative/friend: Remember when your parents used to say, why can’t you score like the neighbour’s kid? Well, it’s time to find a person who’s been abroad. Invite him over chai and let him do the talking for you.

We hope you will be able to succeed after implementing these suggestions. But, if your parents still need convincing, take them to Raffles Educity office and I can assure you our counselors will be your best friends!

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