How to handle stress while studying abroad

If you are moving out of your comfort of home for the first time, you might feel stressed while you are abroad. Initial few months will be the honeymoon period. You will feel excited about your new surroundings. But once this excitement starts to fade away, you start noticing the discomforts of being alone in a foreign country. It is completely natural to feel this way. Most of the students go through it so you are not alone. And with little effort, you can also overcome this feeling. You should handle things before they amount up to a stressful situation. Take help of below tips and tricks to stay away from stress.

  • Plan and Prioritize: If you think there is too much on your plate and you are not finding time for any of the important stuff, chances are you are not able to effectively utilize your time. Chalk out a list of tasks you need to accomplish in a week and jot them down with dates. Visualizing your plan always makes it real and easy for you to adhere to it.
  • Be in touch with Family/Friends: Talking about things that are bothering you alleviate half of your stress. Sometimes you need a familiar voice to hear that everything will be fine. So set aside some time in your week to speak to your family or friends. Video calls are even better !
  • Say No to Nostalgia: No matter how developed your host country is, you still might miss something about your home country. It could be food, talking in native language, your neighborhood or many other things. The key to happiness here is not to compare everything with your home country. Learn to embrace the change and move forward.
  • Join Activity Clubs: International Universities and colleges offer many extra curricular activities and have a club dedicated to specific activity. Be a part of the activity that you are passionate about. It will give you a platform to showcase your talent or discover hidden talent as well. Such group activities will also enhance your social skills and will help you in making friends.
  • Take Proper Rest: Student life abroad can become hectic, specially when you have to do household work Between studying, extra activities and daily chores, make sure you find time to rejuvenate yourself by taking proper rest. Healthy body is essential for a healthy mind.

Stress is nothing but a state of mind. It can be eliminated with right attitude. So stay positive and work hard towards your goal without paying attention to anything negative.

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