Parent’s guide to sending their children abroad

Most of the times an aspiring international student is fed with information from every possible source, in order for them to gain as much knowledge as they can about studying abroad. What we forget in this chaos is that parents of the student also need to be prepared.

They will also be going through the every step of their child’s immigration process. Thus, it can be a little overwhelming experience for the family. That is why we have come up with few pointers to keep in mind while sending your children abroad for studies.

  • Be involved: Show an interest in every little aspect of your child’s travel. It could be as simple as learning about the destination country. Have a talk with your child and try to understand the international culture, be open to new ideas and show a willingness to learn something new.
  • Make them independent: Make sure they get thoroughly familiar with the idea of living alone and doing chores with no one’s help. Taking care of home bills, buying groceries, doing the laundry to name a few. Encourage them to start helping around house while they are still here.
  • Communication: It can be difficult for you to send off your child but do not expect them to call you constantly, once a day should suffice. They might feel pressurized and will cling on to your emotional support more. Instead, encourage them to develop a new hobby, make friends and explore the city.
  • Be their strength, not weakness: Do not solve all their problems. Instead give them time to come up with the solution on their own. Trust their ability to make right decisions and constantly nudge them to take bold steps.
  • Become tech-savvy: If you are not acquainted with technology, I would suggest start learning. It will help you to be in touch with your child through social media, Skype and chatting apps.

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience, both for students and their parents. But it is an experience that will shape all of your lives for good. It is not as difficult as it may seem. All it requires is some effort and you will start to see it in a positive light.

P.S – I hope students coming across this article will convey my message to their parents and will teach them to use technology.

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