Time to Graduate?

Can’t believe it’s already over? Well, we already told you studying abroad is not that difficult and you won’t feel you are thousand miles away from home. But, there are few things you should wrap up before you leave your premises.

Whether you are applying for further studies, starting working at a job or planning a vacation before you come back again, it is important to go through following points and take care of small things that might slip out of your mind in hustle bustle of last days.

  • University Dues: First and foremost, clear your dues at University. If you have any unpaid fees or library dues, pay them immediately. Otherwise, the university might hold onto your final transcripts/degree/diploma till you clear your dues.
  • Contact Information: Update the administrative block with your new address, physical and electronic both. Your university email might stop working after you graduate, so tell them your personal email id for them to send you important notifications. Physical address is also required for mailing you your degree/diploma papers.
  • Graduation Ceremony: If you plan to attend graduation ceremony, note down the details beforehand, be it venue, date or timings. It will help you manage your calendar accordingly.
  • Personal Items: If you have extra furniture or personal items at hand, don’t just throw them away. You could either donate or sell them. Help people in need, since it is trash for you anyway.
  • Moving Arrangement: If you need to move your stuff from one place to another, make sure you arrange a moving truck well in advance. Always better than finding one at last minute !
  • Settle Bills: If you have been living at a rented place, settle your rent and utility bills such as electricity/water. Keep in touch with your landlord if you are eligible for a refund payment from him.
  • Be Grateful: Last but not the least, Thank your professors ! Be grateful to them since they have helped you grow personally and academically. Get together with your fellow classmates for one last group photo. Sign each others t-shirts. Write something quirky about them. Stay in touch with your new friends via social media. You will reminisce these days after 15 years when you will see them moving ahead in their lives.

Tip : If you are moving to a different city, make sure to visit that cafe you’d been eyeing for so long. Have that last sip of coffee and take in the surrounding vibe of the place. This was the place that made you the person you are today !

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