Why I don’t recommend working while studying abroad

Students often start thinking about work options even before they apply for a college. Infact, most of the times their choice of college is influenced by number of lectures per week, so that they can easily take out time to earn some side money. Seems like working along with international studies has become a trend these days. But, I strongly disagree with it.

I understand that financial situation of a student’s family may be the driven factor behind his desire to work. Moreover, increasing cost of foreign education and rising living expenditures are not helping the situation. But, we need to look at the bigger picture here. When lakhs are already being spent on international education, what is the logic behind saving couple of thousands. On the contrary, the downside of earning few bucks is that it takes away the study time of the student. His focus shifts from scoring good grades to earning money. He might even bunk classes to be present for extra shift at work.

All these little steps, which might seem irrelevant at first, conjure up a negative attitude towards studies. A student might be so used to earning, he might decide to terminate his term at college altogether and decide to earn full time. Moreover, the usual job that students find are not even relevant to their course. They do not impart any knowledge which might be applied to student’s field of study. As a result, a student is stuck with a low paying job for many years after graduating because he is not competent enough to earn a job according to his academic background. This is a vicious cycle whose root cause lies at doing part time job while studying.

Few earned dollars are simply not worth the academic loss of the student. I appeal to students not to opt for part time work. Instead study hard enough so that big companies are happy to recruit you. You can easily recover your expenditures if you get employed at a good salary. Studying hard should be your base on which you can lay the foundation of your dream job, not the vise versa. Its better to change your thinking now than repent later. Trust me you can reap rewards of your academic qualification for the rest of your lives.

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