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Chandigarh and Punjab’s leading Study Visa Consultants and one of the best IELTS institutes, RAFFLES EDUCITY is here to help you achieve your dream score and fly abroad for study, work, and Permanent Residency.

“Institute run on the Methodology of the Highest qualified, Certified & Experienced Trainer in the Industry”


IELTS™ or the International English Language Testing System is the most efficient and popular language testing scheme for pursuing higher education across the most brilliant destinations of the world. The IELTS™ is majorly owned by British Council UK, IDP Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment. According to a survey, more than 2 million people take the IELTS test every year. Basically, IELTS™is held in two ways; it can be a Paper-based test or a Computerized Test. And the curriculum for the same involves four modules, i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each module holds 9 band score. The main purpose of the IELTS examination has been just to simply test the English skills of a candidate. And based on this band score, a candidate is enrolled in a university/college course or assigned to work or immigrate to a new foreign destination.

The IELTS exam can be mainly categorized into two segments, i.e. Academic IELTS and General IELTS.

IF you are also planning to take the IELTS exam and looking forward to an outright IELTS Coaching in India/Chandigarh then Raffles Educity can support you in the best IELTS exam preparation altogether with achieving a good score in IELTS.

Raffles Educity introduced 2 New Courses: Gravitas Hi Tech English Course and IELTS Combo Package

IELTS Combo Package:

  1. Dedicated Trainer for Pre IELTS preparation
  2. Customised Programs for individual students
  3. IELTS Strategies and Techniques for Band Improvement
  4. Sentence Formation
  5. In depth Vocabulary Practice
  6. Pronunciation Enhancement
  7. Dictations & Spellings practice for IELTS specific words
  8. Translations Approach
  9. Indianisms – On the Spot Correction of most common errors
  10. Section wise/ Question wise attempt of Reading Passages
  11. Daily Writing Practice with detailed Feedback
  12. Regular Speaking Practice & detailed Cue Card discussion
  13. Intensive High Tech Audio-Video Sessions for Listening & Speaking
  14. Accent Comprehension Sessions
  15. Grammar Improvement tailored towards IELTS
  16. Latest Curriculum

Gravitas Hi Tech English Course:

  1. Fill in the Gap: Grooming, Attitude and Personality Development
  2. Soft Skills
  3. Develop Assertiveness and speak comfortably in Groups and Audience
  4. Interview Practice
  5. Rapid Improvement in Confidence
  6. Corporate Etiquette
  7. Telephone Etiquette
  8. Vigorous Pronunciation Practice
  9. Phonetic Sounds & Accent Training
  10. Customer Service Training
  11. Indianisms
  12. Culture Nuances
  13. Entertaining Grammar Sessions
  14. Integrating English in daily conversations
  15. Specialist Vocabulary and Colloquial English

Why Raffles Educity for IELTS

Experts at Raffles Educity always ensure that the candidates understand the accurate methodology of every individual segment to excel; as personalized attention is given to each and every candidate.

Small Batches
Individual Attention
Certified Master Trainers
Regular Mock test
Latest and Updated Material
Smart Classrooms for Audio Visual Trainings
Flexible Timings
Out-of-Box Success Mantras to Crack IELTS.

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