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About SAT

The SAT originally stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It’s a standard test which is designed and administered by the College Board, a non-profit organization that simply allows candidates to take admission in post graduate programs across the prestigious institutions of the USA and many other destinations like Australia, Canada, UK and Singapore. Every year, more than 1.5 million students appear for this test as it is one of the most popular objective assessments for the postgraduate programs and widely accept this test for admissions. The SAT test includes two major sections i.e. Evidence Based Reading/Writing and Mathematical Assessment (with and without a calculator). The Essay test is optional. The timeduration for the test is 180 Minutes in total

The Writing and the Reading part involve:

  1. MCQs – Reading Passages
  2. Sentence Construction
  3. Grammar/ Word Choice

Whereas Mathematics Assessment includes:

  1. Algebra – Equation Solving
  2. Advanced Mathematics – Trigonometry and Geometry and
  3. Data Analysis/ Problem solving – Proportional reasoning.

As if there are no such eligibility criteria for the SAT which means an average highschool student can also apply for this exam. The registration for this test is onlydone online or by mail. The test fee for the same is charged in US Dollars. Merely,the SAT with the essay is charged $64.50 and without an essay, they charge $47.50.

If you are also planning to prepare for the SAT exam in Chandigarh, then RafflesEducity can help you to reach the standard potential of this exam. With a solidfoundation for over 15+ years, our institution holds many other features as well like:

  1. Personalized plan for each candidate
  2. Experienced faculty
  3. Extensive and updated Curriculum
  4. Interactive Classroom Programs
  5. Weekly Mock tests
  6. More than 1000+ practice tests
  7. Test-taking tips and strategies
  8. Adaptive sessions with Common questions

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