Document Checklist for Studying Abroad

Document Checklist for Studying Abroad
Raffles Educity
January 23, 2020

If you are planning to go overseas for pursuing further education, here’s a quick check-list of all the documents that you must carry!

In today’s era of rapid growth and development, moving abroad for pursuing education is seen to be a common practice especially amongst youngsters. Students move abroad with a vision to broaden their horizons and enhance their expertise in their subject of interest.

Today in our blog, we the Raffles Educity, guide our readers about the documents that they must have for getting a study permit abroad.

Proof of Acceptance: The first step towards getting the study permit is to get an acceptance letter from your school. You need to include the original letter with your study permit application. As soon as you are accepted into the main program, you will require applying to extend your stay as a student.

Proof of Identity: One of the most important documents for moving abroad, a proof of identity is imperative for getting the study permit. In order to give the proof of identity, you would require:

· A valid passport or travel document – You need to carry a photocopy of the information page of your passport or travel document which includes the passport number, issuance and expiry dates, your photo, name, and date & place of birth.

· Two recent passport size photos as per the Visa application photograph specifications which has your name and date of birth written on the back of each photograph.

Proof of Financial Support: Every government seeks a sense of financial security of the student before giving the study permit. A proof of financial support assures that you can support yourself and your family members while you are studying in abroad. Ever country has a specific limit of minimum funds that need to be sustained in the student’ account. This amount varies from country to country depending on its international education policies, economic stability and foreign relations. There are various documents which act as an evidence of your financial stability, such as:

· Proof a student/ education loan from a recognized bank

· Your bank statement of the past four months

· Proof of funding from a native citizen of that country or scholarship stating government – funded education

· Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating financial institution

· A bank draft that can be converted to the foreign currency

· Proof of paying past tuition and housing fees timely

· A letter from the person or school sponsoring you education

Apart from the above – stated documents, certain countries also ask for a Letter of Explanation wherein the student is expected to explain why she/ he wishes to pursue that specific course in the respective country and what are her/ his responsibilities as an international student in that country.

Note: While this check-list talks about the basic documents that you would require to get a study permit for moving abroad, the list varies according to different countries. To know full details of studying in a specific country, do call us now on Raffles Educity’s toll-free helpline number: +919914219000.

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