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November 26, 2019

To fake a work experience or to not fake? This is a question that often crosses many study-abroad aspirants’ minds when they desperately want to cover up a study or work gap in their CV.

This desperation sometimes even lands them to the doors of fraudulent immigration agents who promise them of successfully filling the “gap” in their resume by faking work experience from a reputed organization! The charges of these agents can go anywhere from Rs. 10,000 up to Rs 2 or 3 lakh easily.

However, if you think that in today’s world you can get away with such blatant lies then you are hugely mistaken. Also, have you ever thought that your own mobile can expose your reality? Yes, if you think that your mobile is always your friend, then sorry to say but once again you’re mistaken!

Your own mobile phone might be small in size but is actually a huge reservoir of every little piece of information related to your life. It tracks which hotel, airport or restaurant you check in, what you search on the browser and a lot more!

So if in today’s modern world, you think about ‘faking your work experience’ while applying for a foreign university, hoping to cover up your ‘gap’ after studies, then maybe you should pay heed to the free advice provided by Mr Swaran Singh Sandhu, the founder and MD of Raffles Educity – one of the best immigration consultancy firms in Chandigarh and Punjab.

According to him “it’s almost impossible to fake work experience nowadays” and thinking about fooling the heads of prospective foreign universities or college, is a huge mistake that’s sure to get you a refusal.

It’s best to say the truth, regardless of anything. If you were enjoying a holiday in Dubai during a particular time in your gap period, and carelessly you mention in your CV that you were working at a so and so place, then it’s careless to even think that you won’t be caught.

So, just remember your own mobile can expose your fake work experience. Your mobile is not always your friend!

Also just remember that lying on a résumé can have serious consequences for your educational and employment prospects, not just now but in the future. It’s pretty normal for universities and colleges to check up on previous employment; they may or may not call your boss, and if they call someone who has never heard of you, you will be exposed.

Therefore, no matter what happens, do not fake your work experience. It’s simply a very bad idea and way over any boundaries any university that has an ethics policy would accept.

Finally, a word to those who are not able to find any real work to fill their gap after studies. You can do part-time work, even if it’s unpaid – at least it is better than writing blatant lies in your CV later on.

For more guidance on such matters related to studying abroad, call Raffles Educity now – leading immigration consultants in Chandigarh and Punjab region. Call anytime on our toll-free no. +91-99142-19000″

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