Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

Since the family plays a vital role when it comes to sharing our joyful or gloomy moments of life, we always want to stay closer to our family. The family Sponsorship program is one of the solutions for bringing the family to the same country.

It is said that half of the battle is won if you just have someone standing by your side. There is no better support than a family’s support. Since you have been brought up in the family, your family would be the best one to know what do you require at what time. Especially in the Indian system, our parents, our partner, our kids, all play a distinctive role in our lives. We always feel protected whenever we are surrounded by our loved ones. Then, when we move abroad for better growth opportunities, why is that we stay alone, away from our families. Understanding this, the government of the different countries have come up with family sponsorship programs.

In the era of globalisation, people from overseas are encouraged to live and work in different countries to contribute to the growth prospects. In these cases, it will be quite unfair to make people stay away from their families. It has also been understood how staying away from your loved ones can impact your performance and health. Hence, the countries have come up with various options through which you are allowed to invite your family to stay with you, probably study or work there or get the residency of the country.

If you have a relative who is a permanent resident or citizen of the other country, they can sponsor you if they qualify certain eligibility criteria. There are various relations who can be sponsored to visit or become a permanent resident of the country such as a spouse or common-law partner, parents or grandparents, dependent child, adopted child, an orphan relative, a carer and few close dependent relatives. Family Sponsorship programs are available for almost all the countries. The rules for family sponsorship should be studied carefully and the case has to be filed accordingly.

We, at Raffles Educity, understand how important is it for you to be with your family. Hence, we provide you with the proficient guidance on family sponsorship programs.

A business Immigration acts as a win-win situation for both the immigrant and the country. Hence, more countries are allowing people from overseas to settle in there and get involved in the business plans. This not only ensures the growth of the individual but also for the country’s economy.

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