Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships
Raffles Educity
January 23, 2020

Different Types of Study Abroad Scholarships

Are you planning to broaden your horizons by studying abroad? Raffles Educity will help you pave the way!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” aptly stated political leader and philanthropist, Nelson Mandela. Every individual has a right to education and money should never act as a hindrance towards attaining the same. In the interest of imparting quality education to students from across the globe, there is an array of study abroad scholarships available. Today, we at Raffles Educity, one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh to enlighten our readers about what are the various scholarship opportunities that studying abroad has in store.

· Merit-based Scholarships: There are several sources of merit-based scholarships which are funded by schools, government, organizations, businesses, and private donors. These financial aids are given on the basis of meritorious academic performance background through the means of full or partial payments. These scholarships also take into account the participation of the student in extracurricular activities, sports or philanthropic service to the community.

· Need-based Scholarships: Financial aid is also provided to international students on the basis of their economic needs, especially in the case of lower or middle income group countries. Need-based scholarships are provided to aspirants on the basis of their family’s financial background. It involves a series of document verification including that of family income, employment proofs, tax statements etc to identify the need of the student.

· Athletic Scholarships: Students who pursue sports whilst balancing education definitely deserve a special mention for taking the road less travelled. So, for all the athletic champions, there are various athletic scholarships available in different global universities. However, in most cases, these students are expected to contribute towards representing the university in the specific sport in which they hold expertise while pursuing their education.

· Minority-based Scholarships: There are various minority-based scholarships for students who hail their roots from multi-ethnic minority groups. Although, in various universities, this scholarship criteria is not limited to race or ethnicity.

· Program or Field Specific Scholarships: Program or Field Specific scholarships are specific to the area of study. This scholarship is granted to meritorious students who intend to pursue specialization in any field of study such as science, technology, liberal arts, communication etc.

· Destination Specific Scholarships: With the view to promote education in specific destinations, various public authorities, universities or governments grant scholarships, fellowships and funds to students from a particular country. One such scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand. The Chevening fellowship is also granted by the United Kingdom Government for international students from Commonwealth countries.

So, you can convert your dream of studying abroad into a reality with partially or fully funded scholarships at globally renowned universities. Get in touch with Raffles Educity for more information at: +91 9914219000

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