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Why Study in Canada?

It is of no surprise that Canada is becoming the leading destination for thousands of international students. With affordable tuition fees, quality education, post-study work and immigration options, there are other immense options why you should choose to study in Canada. Along with these factors, the opportunity to encounter vastly different cultural and natural experiences has made Canada the most demanding education hub for thousands of overseas students. Every year Canada hosts over 2,50,000 international students because of its quality education & high living standards.

Quality Education
Global Employment Prospects
Research Opportunities & Exposure
Variety of courses & specialization
Experiential Learning
  • You will always find something to do when you are there. As it’s one of the rare places across the globe to have panoramic sceneries despite its urban luxuries and a great social life.
  • No doubt, just like the UK; this country also has an excellent education system as universities/colleges here offer courses in every discipline.
  • Courses offered entirely excel on the global level as they are accepted worldwide.

International students can improve their command and fluency in both French and English languages as these are the first and second languages of the country and an integral part of Canadian education. Canada is a place with a multicultural environment & people who are friendly and interested in learning about new cultures. Hence, living in Canada as a student can be exciting & peaceful at the same time.

Education in Canada

Today, most of the students are opting for Canada as their overseas study destination because of its open and diverse education standards.

According to the survey, Five of the best qualified Canadian Universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, with nine more making it in the world’s top 300. The two most popular Canadian Universities are the University of Toronto and McGill University, which are ranked at 32nd & 33rd globally with other Universities like the University of Alberta, McMaster University and the University of British Columbia also rank among the top universities of the world.

Canada offers an affordable & quality education for international students. The cost of living and the tuition fee is lower than the other countries.

For those who are looking forward to studying at the top universities of abroad, choosing Canada can be an attractive option.

Financial Information for Canada

Once you reach Canada, you would need to take care of your expenses. Other than the tuition fee, there are other costs that the students need to accommodate like Health Insurance, Books, Supplies and Instruments, Local Transportation, Food and Accommodation. Though the expenses born by the student would vary according to the lifestyle and province chosen, the cost of living may roughly be estimated from $16656 – $26856 per year.

You can manage these expenses on your own by choosing the jobs available for students or by arranging it from your home country. As an international student, you are allowed to work for 20 hours a week during your classes and 40 hours a week during study breaks.

There are several other financial aid programs also available for students regardless of their nationality, for example, scholarships and bursaries, student loans, bank loan or line of credit.

Canada Scholarships Information

If you are meritous in studies, or financially not capable of supporting your education, Canada offers a number of scholarships and bursaries regardless of your nationality.

Scholarships can be based on either academic or non-academic merits. The procedure for each Scholarship program may vary and may require different documents to authenticate.

A bursary generally is focused on helping students who do not have the resources to pay for school on their own. A bursary will be offered to a student who is in a great need of assistance.

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